Switzerland: the land of milk chocolate

Switzerland and chocolate have a long history.

Did you know that Switzerland is globally renowned for its chocolate industry? Continue reading!

Switzerland: a pioneering country in chocolate

In the early 19th century, in 1819 to be exact, François- Louis Cailler converted a former mill on the edge of Lake Leman into the first chocolate factory. Due to the plant’s mechanized production, chocolate quickly became popular and easily accessible.

Daniel Peter: the inventor of milk chocolate

Do you know how milk chocolate was invented? In 1875, in Vevey, in the heart of Vaud Canton, Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter was eager to impress a young woman. He came up with the idea of adding powdered milk to dark chocolate to make it less bitter. It was a eureka moment! The chocolate blend was smoother and sweeter, Peter won over the young woman, and milk chocolate was born.

How is milk chocolate made?

Milk chocolate contains an average of 25% to 40% cacao. Cacao percentages in Carré Suisse milk chocolate fluctuate between 32% and 37%. We then add powdered milk (great idea, Daniel Peter!) and cane sugar. To shake things up a bit, our range of milk chocolate bars include variations with caramel chips and Guérande sea salt, or puffed quinoa. All this talk is probably making your mouth water!

White chocolate: also made in Switzerland

In the 1930s, as a way to use up excess cacao butter, Nestle developed a new type of chocolate, known to this day as white chocolate. As a matter of fact, white chocolate is less than 100 years old!

Today’s chocolate industry in Switzerland

Despite Switzerland’s relatively small size, the country boasts around twenty prominent chocolate brands. Famous individuals such as François-Louis Cailler, Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé have marked the history of the chocolate industry. Today Swiss chocolate has proven its worth and has become a symbol of national and international quality.

How does Carré Suisse fit in the picture?

Our master chocolatiers in Switzerland know to safeguard traditions and yet breathe modernity by creating new products and increasingly delectable flavor combinations. Our chocolate company will not fail to impress in both the quality and exquisite delicacy of its products.

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