Chocolate: the perfect gift

Say it with chocolate! Easter, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, a job promotion, a retirement party: there are countless opportunities to gift chocolate to friends and family (a little self-indulgence never hurt either!). Carré Suisse offers a wide chocolate bar selection: a little something for everyone on your gift list.

1/The benefits of chocolate

You’ve likely heard it before: dark chocolate has a range of health benefits! It’s associated with moments of joy such as Easter celebrations, and with thoughtfulness such as gift boxes at Christmas or deliveries for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is not only festive; it can boost your mental health. A definite feel-good food!

2/Chocolate brings us together

People eat the most chocolate during Easter and the Christmas holidays. It’s no wonder! It’s the time we get together with friends and family. It’s also the chance to try your hand at some delicious holiday baking: chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate pie, creamy mouth-watering chocolate mousse or white chocolate frosting. Ideas for cooking fun are endless!

3/The gift of giving

Chocolate is a year-round crowd pleaser and the perfect thoughtful gift. A basket full of chocolate Easter goodies or a Christmas chocolate Advent calendar are simple, gracious gifts to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Carré Suisse has a large selection for everyone on your list.

4/ Chocolate bars

Choose among the Carré Suisse selection of chocolate bars: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, with or without morsels. Each recipe is more delectable than the next. There is one for every taste!

5/Chocolate bar sets

Dark, milk, white chocolate. Decisions, decisions... Chocolate bar sets are the way to go! A great gift and a perfect solution for when you’re in a real mood for chocolate and you can’t make up your mind. Our sets contain five chocolate bars, enough to satisfy even the sweetest tooth or the most extraordinary cravings.

6/Mini chocolate bars

The mini versions of your favorite flavors are perfect for snacking on the go! Take them with you to work, on a road trip or to afternoon tea with friends. Light and small, you can easily slip them in your bag and share with those around you. Irresistible!

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