Carré Suisse firmly believes in selecting superior-quality raw materials, providing excellent value for money, and adhering to Swiss know-how and time-honored manufacturing processes. In order to deliver premium chocolate for everyday consumers, the company manifesto sets forth the following four commitments:

Bean-to-bar approach

Ensuring excellent quality and the traceability of our products is essential at Carré Suisse. Every single step of our chocolate manufacturing process – from bean sourcing to shipping the final packaged product – is of utmost importance. Our experts travel the world to meet with local cooperatives and farms and select cacao beans according to their distinctive terroir characteristics and quality.

Entirely natural ingredients

Carré Suisse chocolate bars are made exclusively from natural ingredients and 100% pure cocoa butter. Our chocolate bars do not contain additives, preservatives, soya lecithin or palm oil, and are guaranteed to be non-GMO and gluten free.

Organic & Fair trade

A large number of our bars are organic and fair trade, and are made in compliance with rigorous specifications: an additional quality guarantee. All the agricultural ingredients that go into the Carre Suisse chocolate bars have been Ecocert-certified. This means they are organic, comply with current European regulations and are grown using sustainable farming practices, without GMOs, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Carre Suisse has additionally been certified by standard-setting Fairtrade International (FLO), an organization that confirms that our manufacturing methods meet fair trade criteria, and that our chocolate is produced sustainably and responsibly.

Swiss Made

Carré Suisse products are meticulously manufactured in Switzerland, near the Lake Lugano region in Ticino. Our master Swiss chocolatiers use traditional, nearly century-old fermenting and conching techniques in order to deliver flawless chocolate products, unique flavor and unparalleled quality.
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