Easter Chocolate Cupcakes

Craquez pour cette recette de cupcakes de Pâques au chocolat Carré Suisse

Treat yourself to rich chocolate Easter cupcakes made with 65% dark baking chocolate!

Makes 15 scrumptious cakes...


150 g dark baking chocolate - 100 ml water - 120 g all-purpose flour - 150 g sugar - 110 g Greek yogurt - 60 g coconut oil - 3 eggs - 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder


170 g 65% dark baking chocolate - 170 g heavy whipping cream


Small chocolate eggs

Recette cupcakes au chocolat noir 65% Carré Suisse



Break chocolate into small pieces.

Heat cream to a simmer.

Pour 1/3 of hot cream over chocolate and blend well until fully melted.

Add remaining cream little by little and blend. Set aside to cool and then place in refrigerator until needed.

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