Carré Suisse: Entirely Natural Chocolate

Delve into the universe of Carré Suisse: everyone’s premium chocolate!

Learn about how the company got started, our corporate commitments and values, and our manufacturing know-how.

What is the story behind Carré Suisse?

The adventure began from a simple realization: the market did not offer top-end chocolate for all occasions. It’s the year 2012. While shopping at his neighborhood supermarket, Cyrille Jacques was looking for a high-quality chocolate bar. No single product, however, matched his expectations. The seed of an idea was planted. Several months later, Carré Suisse was born: a brand of high-quality, affordable chocolate.

Conquering the Parisian market

It was only natural that Cyrille turned to Switzerland, a country renowned for its exquisite chocolate and where he had spent several summers working with a master chocolatier. Several months later, his first chocolate bars in hand, he went knocking on the doors of gourmet shops in Paris. That same year, 2012, Carré Suisse sold its first chocolate bar! Two years later, sales took off with the brand’s private 6-piece collection at French grocery chain Monoprix. It marked the beginning of a great adventure.

Commitments and values

Carré Suisse is about core values: high-quality sourcing, excellent value for money, know-how and traditional time-honored manufacturing techniques. In order to deliver premium chocolate for everyday consumers, the company manifesto sets forth the four following commitments:

1/Bean to bar

Ensuring the quality and traceability of our raw materials is essential. Our know-how is based on a bean-to-bar approach: we know precisely where and by whom our cacao beans have been grown and harvested. We travel to the far corners of the world to select the best bean varieties and establish strong partnerships with local farmers and cooperatives in keeping with our rigorous standards.

2/Entirely natural ingredients

Entirely natural ingredients

Our chocolate bars are made from entirely natural raw materials: natural sugar cane, natural vanilla and delicious natural morsels. We use 100% pure cacao butter and guarantee a total absence of preservatives, additives and emulsifiers. Our products do not contain soy lecithin, palm oil or gluten. Indulge in our guilt-free chocolate!

3/Organic and fair trade chocolate

A large selection of our recipes is organic and fair-trade certified and are made in compliance with rigorous specifications: an additional quality guarantee. Carré Suisse is committed to producing chocolate through sustainable farming and to preserving the environment. Our non-GMO ingredients are grown without chemical fertilizers. We strive to establish fair relationships with our partners in which all parties benefit from lasting and prosperous collaborations.

4/Made in Switzerland

Our recipes are created by expert chocolatiers in the Lake Lugano region of Switzerland. Each step of the manufacturing process – from cacao bean roasting to product packaging – is carried out meticulously. Swiss know-how is the secret to our flavorful and amazingly smooth chocolate bars.

Present-day activities

p>Today, Carré Suisse products are sold in numerous locations across France and abroad. As a continually growing brand, we strive to make premium chocolate accessible to as many people as possible. Every year, new entries are added to the product line. One thing, however, remains constant: expert craftmanship. Try one of our chocolate bars and see for yourself! Carré Suisse products are available for purchase in thousands of major food retailers in France.

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