Vegan coconut chocolate ice cream by Carré Suisse: a first !

Try our new coconut chocolate ice cream with grated coconut!

This summer, Carré Suisse and ice cream bar shop Emkipop are introducing a vegan coconut chocolate ice cream with grated coconut. A decadently cool collaboration!

Emkipop x Carré Suisse: you’re in for a deliciously frosty summer!

Starting May 25th and all summer long you can enjoy a unique treat made with our N°17 vegan chocolate bar. Our new 100% vegan recipe will be a hit with vegans and ice cream lovers in the mood for a healthy and original treat!


Where can you get one?

Treat yourself to our new creation at the Emkipop shops in Paris, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence!


Price: 3,90€

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